Dara Tatray at the Theosophical World Congress

Honestly – I had hoped Dara would go into how biology and psychology have shown that compassion is as much built into us as competition is. She didn’t. Her talk was based on a definition of science which covered mostly physics and parapsychology.

It was very interesting, however it was impossible to take notes on. Dara uses very long sentences and lots of quotes. This did not make a boring talk though: She talk slowly and clearly and really did very well on a topic that the TS needs to dive into more, I think. The main point of her talk was that science has shown the underlying unity of all matter to be a fact. Literally. The universe is not a collection of atoms, but a network of information.

Dara quoted the Mahatma Letters to the effect that universal Law replaces God. Karma replaces divine retribution. Brotherhood is the basis for a universal ethics.

The talk will be available in The Theosophist and Dara Tatray will let me publish it on my website after it has appeared there.

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