An apology

I’m on a FPMT Tibetan Buddhist retreat working through Tsong Kapa’s stages of the path (Lam Rim). The text starts with respect for the teacher and it made me realize that one reason for my disappointment with the TS is that – lacking... Read More

The future of this blog

Some of you have asked whether I will continue this blog. The answer is – I don’t expect to have much to say about the future of the Theosophical Society, or the Theosophical Movement, in future. However, this blog will remain open to... Read More

A partisan blog

So far online I have very consciously tried to be as impartial as I could regarding the different theosophical organizations. I’ve given impartial information about the differences between the various groups, I link to the major players. In fact,... Read More

Why I started this blog

I started blogging about theosophy in March 2008. That was such a success that I started my own self hosted blog (All Considering) a few months later. However, blogging about the Theosophical Movement is always a bit tricky. Chris Richardson, Govert... Read More