More photographs of the 10th World Congress of the Theosophical Society (Adyar)

I took some nice pictures, but Tom Dede from Hungary is a professional photographer and took over 1000 photographs. He gave me permission to use them, but needed some time to select the best ones. Then of course I made my selection and did some photo-editing and here is the result. Since this is officially the last of my posts about the World Congress in Rome, I’m also linking to each and everyone of them here.

Please do tell me the names I missed, and any spelling mistakes I may have made on names I did catch. The pictures are in semi-random order.

The audience at the Theosophical World Congress (notice me in the corner spoiling the picture)

We had a Buddhist monk as part of the opening greetings
Getting ready to enjoy the pool
Chatting after the lectures

Closing the congress

Isn't Marja Artamaa a dynamic workshop host?
Earnestly contributing
For balance sake: a picture of Colin Price in a suit
Radha Burnier in conversation with Pedro Oliveira and others
Drinking coffee between lectures
Two people we'll all remember: Enrico Stagni (the English language translator) and Antonio Girardi
Finish ladies at breakfast
Four generations of Round Table Knights, from Spain, India and Hungary
Here I am borrowing a laptop to do some stealth blogging at the free wireless internet point.
Tom Dede, CVK Maitreya and President of the TS in Israel, Mr. Abraham Oren
Mary Anderson at a workshop
Music by the pool, at the reception by the Italian Section
Pedro Oliveira

Questions and answers with P. Krishna, Radha Burnier and Colin Price
Radha Burnier enjoying a conversation with Dara Tatray

Summit Roma Hotel - beautiful, but not 4 stars by most standards
Theosophists enjoying the Pantheon on their day off.
There was an actual theosophical movie, and it wasn't bad.
Tim Boyd can really deliver a talk
Diana Dunningham Chapotin, who has made the TOS work come to life again.
The TOS shop: raising money for theosophical charity work
people and merchandise

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  1. It would be nice to place larger size photos for those shots which contain large numbers of people as the first one, and for those where the main persons are on the background (like “Radha Burnier enjoying a conversation with Dara Tatray”).

  2. In the photograph titled, “Tom Dede, CVK Maitreya and someone from Israel”, the unnamed person is the President of the TS in Israel, Mr. Abraham Oren.

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