Topics theosophists should address

In order for the Theosophical Society to be relevant to this world today, it needs to be relevant to what people care about. Blavatsky latched onto the big spiritual hype of her day: the spiritualist movement. First she looked like their main defender. Then she turned on them to say: hey, all this may be real, but your explanations just don’t make sense.

Similarly, the Theosophical Society should have a response to topics like:

And the TS should have activities that fit the spirit of the time as well. Why did we do nothing with the Darwin year, for instance? Locally and nationally these are things to work with to get an awareness about theosophy to the people.

My local lodge, The Hague, had a great year. We had several lectures about a local, but famous, Dutch author who was probably influenced by theosophy. We had lectures about Taoism, Buddhist philosophy. The introduction to theosophy study group went well, just like the meditation group. An atmosphere of everyone being welcome and interesting questions being asked has emerged. And attendance is up too. Next up, hopefully, memberships… But first we need to make sure the activities KEEP being interesting to people.

So what topics do you all think theosophists should address?

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