Why I started this blog

I started blogging about theosophy in March 2008. That was such a success that I started my own self hosted blog (All Considering) a few months later. However, blogging about the Theosophical Movement is always a bit tricky. Chris Richardson, Govert Schuller and I moved our specifically organizational stuff over to Theosophical Society WordPress.org later that year. While that blog served a purpose, it never became really successful. In fact, I have lately been the only one to blog there.

I have contributed online a LOT, on a lot of places. I’ve decided to start this blog to gather the material on the Theosophical Movement I want to see discussed (hence a blog and not on Katinka Hesselink Net). Because the wordpress blog was so dormant, my latest blogpost about the Theosophical Society was posted simultaneously at two online forums (nings). This didn’t sit right with me. I mean – they got responses, but as an online professional I want to own my content and see it all in one place.

Enter … this blog. On it I will gather my online writings about the Theosophical Movement. I will talk about any controversy I see fit, which I don’t want to do on All Considering because I don’t want  to scare away newbies with arcane theosophical stuff.

I will probably cross post a lot: wherever the conversation is online, there my blogposts will appear, however I will also post them here so I and everybody else can keep track of them. If the conversation moves from ning to the next new thing, so be it. But this blog will still have all my opinions.

Last but not least: if you want to contribute, please do!