William Quan Judge and the Theosophical Society Adyar

Just to make it clear that the TS Adyar does not discriminate against that third founder of the Theosophical Society, I want to draw attention to the review of ‘Echoes of the Orient’, the writings of William Quan Judge, in The Theosophist of July 2010. The review by A. Kannan consists mostly of quotes. For instance:

The spiritual unity of mankind is the basis of our moral life. Regard, consideration, love, kindness are qualities which are exhibited and practiced intuitively during the greatest part of daily life; the voice of conscience which meddles in every thought and act is indicative of brotherhood founded upon the sympathy of man for man, which is a fundamental fact of human nature. (p. 181 – The Theosophist, July 2010, p. 35)

Kannan goes on to conclude:

These writings are in simple, easily understandable language and are of importance and value because of their perennial interest. (The Theosophist, July 2010, p. 136)