World Congress: Unofficial powwow about the future of the Theosophical Society

I think it would be a good idea to set a date / time on our powwow about the future of the TS.

There are, so the grapevine tells me, about 400 people coming to the World Congress. That’s huge. I’m also told that the congress in Sidney had workshops that had 80+ people in one workshop. The math this time around is 400/3 is over 100 people to a workshop. Which does not really amount to a workshop in my book.

So I thought we’d lighten the load a bit and get together on the second day there are workshops: they’re continuations of the first day. That way everybody has a chance to try out the workshop they feel most inspired by. And if it’s not what they’d hoped, they can come along on this get together.

So that’s: Monday 12th July, 4pm (or after lunch, depending on how things go).

The meeting place is going to be an issue: it turns out this congress is held in the outskirts of Rome. If we want to go out for coffee, we’ll have to take a train. Herbal Tea (or any tea for that matter) is probably hard to come by, btw – I’m told I should bring my own to be sure I get some. I think I’ll still like to get out of the building, so going into town is certainly a scenario as far as I’m concerned.

This is not likely to be the only time I skip out on a lecture, but it does seem to be the weakest point in the program. I suspect this is the one afternoon that many people are going to play rooky.

I’m not so much interested in the General Council and its issues. I do want the G.C. and electoral committee on a more democratic footing, but I’m not too bothered with the way things are. Also, since I’m no national TS official, it’s not my responsibility to change any of that. It is, however, each of our responsibilities to get the TS back on track.

The subject of our powwow is simple.

  • What’s the direction we want the TS to go in,
  • How open and tolerant do we want to be,
  • Do we put our money where our mouth is etc.
  • Getting our lodges, branches and sections inspired and inspiring again.
  • I would like to know about what issues each section / lodge that gets represented is dealing with.
  • What works, what doesn’t.
  • What local conditions influence the work etc.

Takers so far: Pamela Warwick Keys

If anyone is interested, a powwow on getting the TS Adyar in better shape online is also a possibility.

BTW – the accommodations don’t get very good reviews. In fact, the reviews remind me of the hotel we stayed in when I went on a highschool Rome trip.  Given the lack of a safe, I’d say: don’t bring too many valuables. I won’t be bringing my laptop, for instance.

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