Teckels Park Discussion 2011

I don’t want off topic comments flooding my blog, so those who want to express their concern about the Teckel’s Park issue are welcome to comment on this post. I have deleted them everywhere else.

[Update March 25th] There is now official information on the topic available from the English section. See: Teckels Park update 2011.

With most of the rumors on this post debunked, I’m closing the thread. [/update]

[Update march 2016] I have deleted all the comments here, as they were rumors without foundation and now no longer relevant to the Theosophical Movement anyhow. [/update]


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  1. Thankyou for the opportunity to post on the Tekels Park issue. No Theosophical Society in England official or director of the Tekels Park Estate Limited, which managed Tekels Park, has ever been prepared to comment on the fate of the Tekels Park animals. Adyar headquarters also maintain a silence on the subject. It is obvious to everyone that selling a wildlife sanctuary to a property development company will turn it into an animal death camp and this is why the Theosophical Society in England President, Mr Eric McGough began negotiations in secret.

    Complicity in the killing of the Tekels Park animals renders all Adyar Theosophical Society teaching worthless.

    The indifference to the fate of the Tekels Park animals shows that the Adyar Theosophical Society only plays at being a spiritual organisation.

    1. “Complicity in the killing of the Tekels Park animals renders all Adyar Theosophical Society teaching worthless”

      Yes, I agree with that

    2. Complicity in the killing of the Tekels Park animals renders all Adyar Theosophical Society teaching worthless – Discuss

      This would make a good exam question for the DIPLOMA IN THEOSOPHY currently being offered by the Theosophical Society in England. I notice that this Diploma doesn’t have an ANIMAL COMPASSION module.

  2. Thankyou Katinka for the opportunity to say something about Theosophical Society England President Eric McGough and Tekels Park.

    Eric McGough sells meditation/visualisation recordings made at Tekels Park on his own business website http://www.ericmcgough.com where he also uses his title of President of the Theosophical Society in England. Why not sell recordings of the Tekels Park deer being slaughtered. There is money to be made in venison and a team of slaughtermen may have already visited Tekels Park to size up the job.

    1. Your posting prompted me to have a look at Eric McGough’s business website.

      He is clearly using the status of his title as President of the Theosophical Society in England to sell stuff. He is trading as The North Wales Centre for Theosophy and claiming it to be a not for profit organisation. Does the business meet the legal requirements to make this claim?

      One CD is recorded at Tekels Park and he describes the park as “The Theosophical Society’s Spiritual Centre”. I may be wrong but the cover of the meditation CD “Journey to the Trees” appears to have a picture of Tekels Park on the cover.

      Some DVDs and CDs on sale are made courtesy of various Theosophical groups, do they get any money from sales?

      Given the circumstances, how can Eric McGough use Tekels Park to promote his products.

      1. I think that inclusion of recordings made at Tekels Park is all part of Eric McGough’s plan to keep the sale of the park secret.

        Eric McGough has used the Theosophical Society to sell stuff before. It used to be courses sold to lodges at twenty quid a go. Some lodges got stuck with courses they couldn’t use and weren’t very happy.

        1. This is bad news.
          Are the Tekels Park Deer going to be slaughtered?
          It certainly looks like they are.
          The other animals won’t last much longer

  3. Hi Katinka

    I admire your courage in opening up a dedicated news board for this sensitive subject. Many are really angry about the Tekels Park issue.

    There is no information about the sale of Tekels Park and nobody outside the leadership actually knows if it has been sold or if the Tekels Park Estate Limited has been signed over to new control. Let’s hear a clear statement from Theosophical Society in England President and director of the Tekels Park Estate, Eric McGough. Let us also know how much it was sold for and how about revealing the figures on which the decision to sell Tekels Park is said to be based. Come on Eric put us in the picture.

    It is impossible to find any current member of the National Council of the Theosophical Society in England who will admit to actually voting for the sale of Tekels Park. They were caught out with this as Eric McGough started negotiations in secret and council members only found out when news of the sale leaked out and started appearing on the net.

    Sadly the fate of the Tekels Park animals has never been a concern for the Theosophical Society in England leadership.

  4. In a properly run organisation the President would be accountable to the National Council and the National Council would in turn be accountable to the members.

    The way it works in the TS England is that nobody gets told anything and if you ask for information you are either ignored or get abuse. At present nobody actually knows whether Tekels Park has been sold or not and if it it has been sold then don’t dare anybody ask how much they got for it. Mention the Tekels Park animals at a TS England meeting and just feel the tension in the room.

    Things are out of control and if the story is true that Radha Burnier has suspended the TS England charter then it would not be surprising.

    The Tekels Park issue could have been put to the entire membrship with suggestions invited for making the park viable and the complete financial picture presented. Not even the National Council members have seen the figures.

    1. I heard from an unofficial source that the Theosophical Society in England charter was suspended by Adyar following enquiries into allegations against Eric McGough and other TS in England senior officials made by ex-senior official Edi Bilimoria in September 2010. Eric McGough made himself very scarce after Adyar received this letter. Ex-President Colin Price represented England at the General Council meeting in Adyar last December. Discussions at this meeting have not been made public.

      I don’t think however that suspending the charter will make any difference and the TS in England will carry on a normal. Tekels Park itself may may not be an issue in the suspension of the charter. One of the issues raised by Edi Bilimoria is that Eric McGough has proclaimed himself “Spiritual Head” of the Theosophical Society in England.

      1. Spiritual Head???? that would be funny if it weren’t for what he’s done at Tekels Park

  5. Tekels Park animals not for discussion at TS England meetings

    There’s been a big bust up at the Bolton lodge after someone raised the question of the Tekels Park animals. It is not now to be discussed there and one member is selling environmentally friendly products via a multi level marketing scheme and doesn’t want sales affected by dead animal publicity.

    The Bournemouth Theosophical Society is now telling people that it has no connection with Tekels Park even though one of its members, Barry Seabourne is a director of the Tekels Park Estate Limited. He has been a close associate of Eric McGough and must have known for some time what the fate of the animals will be.

    1. Some Bournemouth members are claiming that they have never heard of Barry Seabourne and most members now deny that they they have ever been to Tekels Park.

    1. Well, even if the worst that’s suspected about the Teckel’s Park estate sale is true – it’s still ALSO true that many early environmental, animal rights and vegetarians were theosophists. In fact, or so I’ve heard, many early human rights activists were theosophists as well.

      It’s not one or the other.

      However, I totally agree that the membership in the UK and more specifically England deserve to know what happened and whether the section got it’s charter withdrawn, and whether anything is being done to heal the situation.

      After all – what about the assets of the TS that are still there? If all the members walk out, Eric McGough may well end up controlling all of that.

      Personally I don’t have a problem with lecturers selling tapes of their lectures. However, forcing lodges to pay for something they end up not using is crossing a line.

      1. Eric McGough already has control of the Theosophical Society in England’s assets. Having proclaimed himself Spiritual Head of the organisation with the authority of the Masters, he has dispensed with the need to refer matters to the National Council and they are reduced to the position of gleaning information from him. This effectively reduces the Theosophical Society in England to the status of a cult which follows the word of its leader. He has a small inner circle of supporters but most members of the National Council are too ashamed to admit what has happened and this has led to the wall of silence.

        It may be possible to return the Society to administration by a working committee which is accountable to members but even if this happpens, it will take many years to heal the damage.

        1. Healing would have to start with an assurance by the Theosophical Society in England National Council that the Tekels Park animals are not going to be killed. If Tekels Park has already been sold and the animals are killed then the Theosophical Society in England will never recover from this and the Adyar Society worldwide will be seriously damaged.

          The National Council are ashamed that they have let the current situation arise? Quite right they should be ashamed.

        2. This sounds like it should go to court. The Theosophical Society is organised as a membership organisation isn’t it? That means that the members can, if they want (at least by Dutch law, but something similar is probably true in the UK), get rid of Eric if they want.

          1. Legal process would be lengthy and expensive and made difficult by the fact that the Theosophical Society in England is an unincorporated body which has no legal identity separate from that of its members under UK law. Other action could be taken but the National Council appear to be too weak to do anything as is clearly shown by the way they allowed someone to join the TS in England in 2004, be in control of the finances by 2008 and Spiritual Head by 2009. It is much easier to keep quiet and pretend it isn’t happening.

            These are people who have cherished Tekels Park and its wildlife for decades and are now prepared to walk away from it leaving the animals to be killed because they won’t stand up to Eric McGough.

    2. Theosophical ideas may have influenced the Animal Rights Movement but they no longer influence the Adyar Theosophical Society,
      Not when there’s money to be made.

  6. How about this
    Theosophical Teachings from the National Secretary of the Theosophical Society in England and Company Secretary of the Tekels Park Esat Limited, Susan Bayliss

    This is at Gloucester Place

    13 March 2011 Sunday – 18:00 – 19:30
    The Healing Power of Thought – Auras, Crystals and Angels
    by Susan Bayliss
    We will explore how the power of thought can become a dynamic healing tool, and what important role auras, crystals and angels may play. Once we expand our awareness and open the door to inner perceptions, we can become empowered to change our lives and bring healing into the world.


    1. It is amazing that anyone directly involved in the Tekels Park nightmare can talk about bringing healing into the world.

    2. The content of this lecture seems so empty when it comes from someone implicated in the Tekels Park tragedy and the cover up.

      Perhaps Susan Bayliss can tell everyone how she reconciles healing the world with the destruction of the Tekels Park wildlife.

      Alternatively as a director of the Tekels Park Estate limited, she could take this lecture as an opportunity to make a clear statement that action has been taken to ensure that the Tekels Park animals are not killed.

  7. The now defunct Theosophical tradition of compassion for animals is clearly indicated by this quotation from an article by former Theosophical Society in England President, Colin Price, entitled;

    Compassion: The Basis of Peace & Understanding

    “We are sparks of the same Divine flame. In fact we share this with all life and so theosophists extend the same principles of compassion to the animal kingdom”

    Colin Price is currently a director of the Tekels Park Estate limited.
    So much for Compassion for Animals but of course there’s money to be made.

  8. Eric McGough is keen to tell people that he’s been visited by the Masters and seems to see the Theosophical Society as a religion based on the Masters.

    Is he sure it’s the Masters that he’s talking to?

    The self styled title “spiritual head” suggests that Eric McGough wishes to create a religion with him in charge. Have the National Council actually recognised his title?

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I think your religion based on the Masters with Eric McGough appointed by them as earthly leader analogy is correct.

      He proclaimed himself “Spiritual Head” of the Theosophical Society in England towards the end of 2009 and announced it officially in the editorial of the last copy of Insight magazine in February 2010.

      News of Eric’s secret negotiations with the property development company over the sale of Tekels Park leaked out in January 2010 so it is clear that he had assumed the title of “Spiritual Head” with the right to act alone without let or hindrance from the National Council. In a display of mass cowardice the majority of the National Council just responded by burying their heads in the sand while his small inner circle of supporters became directors of the Tekels Park Estate Limited in April 2010.

      Unlikely that even Eric McGough’s inner circle of supporters accept his title as “Spiritual Head” but anything seems to be possible in the Theosophical Society in England these days.

      1. Perhaps as a “Spiritual Head”, Eric McGough will tell the National Council that he doesn’t need to stand for re-election. The Pope doesn’t need to submit himself for re-election once he’s in the job so why should the “Spiritual Head” of the Theosophical Society in England.

        Worth a try – It seems the National Council are too week to do anything about it anyway.

  9. This can be found on the Tekels Park website


    Madeleine Leslie-Smith, a long-term resident of Tekells Park wrote ‘A personal recollection’ in 1996. She commented: ‘Tekels Park is in reality a mini Nature reserve … It is up to us to preserve it from encroachment so that it may increasingly become a centre of Peace and dynamic spirituality’

    “centre of Peace and dynamic spirituality”

    The Theosophical Society in England are still promoting the myth that they are concerned about animal welfare.

  10. Here are more examples from the English Theosophical Order of Service Website of the now defunct Theosophical Tradition of compassion for animals


    “The Theosophical Order of Service (T.O.S.) places high on the list of charities it supports those which protect the rights of its animal brothers. To be a true Theosophist is to love all life – not just human life”

    “The T.O.S. particularly supports the organisation called Compassion in World Farming whose purpose is to effect changes in the laws of all countries in order to ameliorate the lot of many millions of animals who suffer throughout their brief lives from the greed and selfishness of humans”

    The killing of the Tekels Park animals indicates that both these statements represent a Theosophical Society of the past which no longer exists.

    1. The Tekels Park animal tragedy and cover up will soon mean that the Theosophical Society in England no loner exists.
      The big battle will be over the money if there is any left after the spending binge of 2010 on expensive Theoversity venues and free magazines that promote only London events. The amount of money lost by the Theoversity in 2010 is another of those banned subjects at the Theosophical Society in England. Is this the way any money from the Tekels Park sale will be spent?

      1. The Theoversity losses for 2010 are enormous after they hired expensive venues in Southampton and Glastonbury (Chorley not too bad) with very few attendees and not much Theosophy either. There are no Theoversity events so far planned for 2011 and we will have to see if the “Spiritual Head” allows it to continue.

        6000 free copies of the Esoteric Magazine four times a year – Magic Money

        No doubt the money from the sale of Tekels Park (if sold) will cover all this at the expense of other projects but has the Theosophical Society in England hired Frank Spencer as it’s financial adviser?

  11. The finances are in the hands of His Holiness Eric McGough, Spiritual Head of the Theosophical Society in England.

    Ooooh Betty!

    1. That’s very well put

      Who would want to argue with someone with such an impressive title as His Holiness Eric McGough, Spiritual Head of the Theosophical Society in England? Certainly not the feeble members of the National Council

      The Adyar Theosophical Society may not have a procedure for dealing with members who claim to have been visited by the Masters but the National Council should certainly not simply have accepted Eric McGough’s spiritual authority on the basis of this claim.

      Unfortunately even if Eric McGough’s spiritual authority is now challenged, it may be too late to save the Tekels Park wildlife from destruction.

  12. The 2010 spending spree by Theosophical Society in England calls into question His Holiness Eric McGough’s claim the that Tekels Park needed to be sold because of dire financial circumstances.

    Giving out free copies of Esoterica magazine was a roaring success wasn’t it?
    The latest 2011 edition of Esoterica is doing really well, make sure you get your copy before they are all gone.

    Theoversity – 2010 will be very hard to follow.

  13. The question still comes up

    Has Tekels Park actually been sold?

    If so, how much did they get for it?

    Where’s the money?

    No use asking His Holiness Eric McGough, Spiritual Head of the Theosophical Society in England, he’s always out astral travelling.

  14. Update to Adyar Wesbite Needed

    His Holiness Eric McGough, Spiritual Head of the Theosophical Society in England is still listed as General Secretary on the Adyar website.
    Adyar should really make more effort to keep up with what is happening.

  15. Adyar keep up to date!!!! If they did that then Mrs Vegetarian Radha Burnier would have to respond to the killing of the Tekels Park animals.
    The wild venison from Tekels Park will fetch a good price.

    Edi Bilimoria drew attention to the “Spiritual Head” nonsense last September and no doubt Adyar received the last copy of Insight in which Eric McGough confirmed his new status. Adyar have all the information they need to act on many issues but are more preoccupied with making sure that another member of the Burnier family will succeed Radha.

  16. Tekels Park Theosophical Venison. Very auspicious to eat meat raised in such spiritual surroundings. The Theosophical Society in England still refers to Tekels Park as its Spiritual Centre so perhaps Theosophical Society in England members will be present to chant healing mantras and say prayers for the deer while they are being slaughtered.

    His Holines Eric McGough, Spiritual Head of the Theosophical Society in England would be an ideal person to conduct this “Healing Mantras for Slaughter” event as he is in direct communication with the Masters. Mr Vegetarian Radha Burnier might also like to lend a hand.

    This could be extended to a National Theosophical Event with the lodges in England sending out healingto the Tekels Park Deer at the time of their slaughter.

    1. Why not make this a worldwide Adyar Theosophical Society Event? Mrs Vegetarian Radha Burnier, champion of animal causes, could call upon Theosophical lodges all over to world to say prayers and send healing to the Tekels Park deer at the time of their slaughter. Healing could also be sent to other Tekels Park animals who will perish as the Park is developed.

      There is a big opportunity here that surely Mrs Vegetarian Radha Burnier will not want to miss.

      How about it Radha or are you going to let this significant and memorable event in the history of the Adyar Theosophical Society pass without comment?

  17. Has anyone been able to contact His Holiness Eric McGough since last September? Does anyone know where he is? Surely members of the National Council must have seen or heard from him or are they too frightened to admit it.

    Doesn’t someone have the guts to break the wall of silence and reveal what is really happening in the Theosophical Society in England?

    Eric McGough claimed that he was selling Tekels Park as a result of serious financial circumstances as far back as January 2010. Since then the TS England had the massive loss making projects of the Esoterica Magazine and the Theoversity plus a two thirds membership collapse. Eric McGough never produced any figures so the sale of Tekels Park may not have been justified but if the TS England’s financial situation wasn’t bad in January 2010, it probably is now.

    What have you done Eric McGough?

    Did you really need to sell Tekels Park and sentence the animals to death?

    Did you put the TS England into such a dire financial position that you had to let Tekels Park go for a fraction of its true value?

    Not surprising you won’t talk about it

  18. Silence from the “Spiritual Head” of the Theosophical Society in England over the killing of the Tekels Park animals just isn’t good enough Mr Eric McGough. When are you going to come out and make clear statement?

  19. When are we going to hear from the members of the National Council of the Theosophical Society in England on the Tekels Park issue?

    What! you don’t know anything?

    That’s because you’re too feeble to find out

  20. Eric McGough “Spiritual Head”

    The issue of Insight in which Eric McGough proclaims himself “Spiritual Head ” of the Theosophical Society in England is Winter 9/10 Vol 50 No 4 Page 3 in the editorial entitled “Responding to Change”

  21. This is from the Radha Burnier profile page of the Adyar Theosophical Society website


    “Mrs Radha Burnier constantly encourages awareness of the horrible plight of animals and the need for appropriate action”

    “Mrs Burnier was appointed the President of the Environmental Society, Chennai, which promoted and supported the maintenance of ecological balance, planting more trees and fighting issues on behalf of a beautiful environment”

    In the light of the destruction of Tekels Park and its wildlfe these claims amount to a serious misrepresentation of what sort of organisation the Adyar Theosophical Society really is.

    I don’t see how anyone can remain a member

  22. Many of the remaining (under 200) England members are now seriously considering their position as members of the Theosophical Society in England. Officials at the lodges in Bolton, Bradford, Chester and Bournemouth now deny any connection with the fate of the Tekels Park animals by saying it is a decision taken by the Theosophical Society at Gloucester Place and nothing to do with them. It is conveniently not mentioned that these lodges have representatives on the National Council.

    The North of England lodges are meeting in Chorley, Lancashire on April 15th – 17th under the banner of the Trans Pennine Federation and a possible breakaway North of England section is to be discussed.

    A battle over the assets of the Theosophical Society in England may be looming

    Unfortunately none of this will save the Tekels Park wildlife.
    Well Done! Eric McGough

  23. President of Blackburn Lodge, Maureen Atkinson is a director of the Tekels Park Estate Limited so it will be interesting to see who supports a breaway group. If all lodges break away there are easily enough to form a North of England National Section.

    The move has nothing to do with saving the Tekels Park wildlife but rather to distance themselves from this disgraceful affair and also to get clear of Eric McGough whom the existing National Council seem incapable of dealing with.

  24. From an anonymous contact of mine I hear that the General Council, nor Radha Burnier personally, have NOT acted on this issue. In other words: the charter has not been withdrawn.

    It is up to the members and lodges in England to salvage what may be salvaged.

    1. Congratulations Katinka on finding someone close to the centre of things who will comment. I can understand why they wish to remain anonymous in the current climate. The rumours and speculation about the suspension of the England charter began at the beginning of December when Edi Bilimoria’s letter to the General Council appeared on Anton Rozman’s news board. I know of several people who have emailed Adyar (no point in emailing Gloucester Place) about the charter and have received no reply. If your contact is a member of the General Council perhaps you could suggest that an official statement on matters in England by Radha Burnier would let England members know where they stand.

      Does the last line of your posting represent offical Adyar policy on matters in England?

      1. NO, I’m as unofficial as it gets. I’m a member of the Dutch section of the Theosophical Society with headquarters in Adyar. I’m vice chair to the lodge in The Hague (though not for much longer). Beyond that I’m merely a reporter. The only thing I can do here is inform people of the little I know.

        However, it’s obvious – from the way the TS is organized – that the international TS can’t do anything about this sort of thing. The worst it can do is withdraw the charter, which, apparently, has not been done. Note that withdrawing the charter would not actually achieve anything either, so it stands to reason that it hasn’t been done.

        As for suggesting anything to Adyar – I have no reason to believe they’d listen to my opinions. I do have reason to believe however that this blog gets read in high places. I personally think the amount of comments here, on possibly my shortest blogpost ever, speaks volumes.

        I do agree that SOMEONE should comment, but while Radha could clear a few things up (like whether the charter has been withdrawn), it’s really up to the prominent theosophists in the English section themselves to handle this.

        All I did here was get as clear a denial on the charter withdrawal thing as any of us are likely to get, before someone comes out and says something official.

        In short – it’s a simple statement of fact that the members and lodges of the TS in England are the only ones who can change things in this situation. Though I have no idea about the precise way the TS in England is organised. I do know that the Dutch members have the power to send home any board that does things they don’t like.

        1. There has been no official statement on Tekels Park from Adyar because Mrs Vegetarian … and the members of General Council know that the Tekels Park animals are going to be killed. As for anything from senior officials in England – Forget it!

          Outside the small group of …s supporters on the board of the Tekels Park Estate Limited, the other members of the National Council are too frightened to ask or do anything and the dwindling number of members don’t get told anything. There is no forum for debate and any inconvenient correspondence by email or post is ignored. The phone at Gloucester Place is on ansaphone for most of the time. The Foundation for Theosophical Studies website has been down for the last ten days and the latest copy of Esoterica Magazine is about 3 months overdue. There is no programme for the Theoversity for 2011. It looks like the Theosophical Society in England being phased out by people that nobody can contact.

        2. Silence gives consent.
          By failing to make an official comment … is effectively approving decisions that will lead to the killing of the Tekels Park animals and of …’s status as “Spiritual Head” of the Theosophical Society in England under the authority of the Masters.

          Alternatively she has found it all too difficult and has given up.

          1. Is Adyar next?

            Could it be that Radha Burnier will make no official comment about the fate of the Tekels Park wildlife because there are plans to sell the Adyar Estate in India and possibly also the Wheaton Estate in Illinois owned by the Theosophical Society in America?

  25. Like the fate of the Tekels Park animals, this is probably a cover up. If found to have substance then Edi Bilimoria’s allegations about concealment of the TS England finances, given the considerable sums involved, would warrant a police investigation. This would of course bring adverse publicity and Radha Burnier and the General Council would prefer to ignore the situation in the hope that it goes away or the TS England puts its house in order (some hope)

    It is to be noted that the agenda and proceedings at last December’s General Council meeting in Adyar have not been made public.

    If all else fails, Edi Bilimoria may well send his file to the police but there again even a police investigation into the finances of the Theosophical Society in England is unlikely to save the Tekels Park animals. They are the real victims of all this.

    1. From what I’ve read about this online, there does seem enough evidence for a police investigation or a trial. Someone has to file charges in the UK though – nobody from abroad can do anything along those lines.

      NOTE that members of the TS are ultimately the ones damaged here, so the charges should preferably be filed by people who have NOT left the TS yet.

      1. To set the wheels of an investigation in motion it would require someone with sufficient verifiable information to raise their concerns with the police and for the police to decide the matter is worth looking into. The police may carry out routine checks on the people involved as a preliminary.

  26. This quotation gives some idea of the importance of Tekels Park to the Theosophical Movement in the past. This quotation represents a Theosophical Society which no longer exists and has been replaced by a Theosophical Society with no right to call itself a “Spiritual Organisation” even if it does have a “Spiritual Head”.

    “I know many people in the TS (Theosophical Society) and Theosophical Movement think of Tekels Park as their spiritual home. Long may we retain this wonderful heritage for the Theosophical Movement”

    Thsi is Theosophical Society in England member for over 40 years, Margaret Stagg, writing in Insight Magazine in 2004. (Insight Magazine Winter 2004) Margaret was also Senior Knight of the International Order of the Round Table, which has organised annual camps at Tekels Park for young people every year since the early 1950s.

    Young people have been caarying out voluntary work on conservation projects in Tekels Park since the 1950s. They thought they were preserving Tekels Park as a wildlife sanctuary for posterity but don’t mention that to Eric McGough if you can find him.

    1. These are the objectives of the Order of the Round Table taken from the Theosophical Society in England website.

      1) To create in the minds of the young a recognition of the unity of people and of all living things.

      2) To help the young to be happy and useful members of society.

      3) To create conditions for harmonious living and to promote in all ways possible universal love and compassion by encouraging the young to be of service to all living creatures.

      To promote this image of a caring organisation is just a fraud. Imagine a child attending a camp at Tekels Park and then finding out that the Park and animals are going to be destroyed. Parents should be warned about this.

  27. I have been to Theosophical Society lectures in Leeds and Bradford over the last two years and I am appalled to discover through other sources what the Theosophical Society has done at Tekels Park and that this disgusting affair has been kept secret from new enquirers.

    The Theosophical Society is a spiritual organisation that has sold a wildlife sanctuary to a property developer thus sentencing the protected animals to death by slaughter or starvation. Anyone paying money to join the Theosophical Society in England in the belief that they are joining a spiritual organsiation is being cheated.

    … of Bradford Theosophical Society is now telling people that his group has nothing to do with Tekels Park and the decisions are taken by a central organisation in London. … is proud to claim that the Theosophical Order of Service does good work for animal charities. The whole set up is a complete con.

    A bogus spiritual organisation like this should be exposed and hounded out of existence.

    1. Atma & Cynthia Trasi welcomed … with open arms to present a talk at Bradford Theosophical Society in 2010. Now they are trying to hide the stink of dead animals by saying that Tekels Park is nothing to do with them. Atma Trasi really does try to give the impression that Tekels Park is owned by a different Theosophical Society.

  28. The Foundation for Theosophical Studies website has been down for about 2 weeks. It may be a technical problem and it is too early to say if the Foundation itself is closing.

    2010 was the year of “Expect Money – Will Spend” for the Foundation. This is now over with massive losses and closure of the Theoversity and Esoterica Magazine.

    There is no indication at present that the Tekels Park Estate Limited is being wound up but reports indicate that the Tekels Park Guest House is winding down for closure.

    1. Esoterica folded?
      Why not go back to an inhouse magazine?
      Or would this run the risk of re-opening channels of cummunication between members and the leadership?

  29. Have a look at …’s picture on his website
    He’s sitting on a bench at Tekels Park. I bet he won’t be sitting there while the deer are being slaughtered.

  30. Sentencing the Tekels Park animals to death will sentence the Theosophical Society in England to death. The destruction of the Tekels Park wildlife will never be forgotten.

    Why has a spiritual organisation of over 120 years standing allowed this to happen?

    It is obvious from the comments on this blog that the Theosophical Society in England is run by naive people who have allowed it to be hi-jacked by a joker who has turned it into a religious cult with him as leader and has taken complete control of the finances and assets.

  31. This news board is now quite widely known and it is significant that the postings have elicited no response from either members of the National Council of the Theosophical Society in England or from the General Council of the Adyar Theosophical Society.

    There is something seriously wrong within this organisation.

    Let’s see if this posting tempts a senior official out of the bunker.

    Is … reading this?
    Let’s hear from you.

    1. The Theosophical Bunker
      I can relate to that image.

      The National Council of the Theosophical Society in England sitting terrified in a bunker waiting for the end while … and his inner circle run everything. The National Council don’t even know if Tekels Park has been sold or not and they are supposed to be in charge and accountable to their members.

      Come on National Council members, it doesn’t take much effort to post something on this blog and lots of people would like to hear from you.

      And how about you …. You have made the Tekels Park Nightmare possible, what do you have to say?

  32. Everyone seems to have an … story and here’s one from North Wales. As you all know … is chairman of the Foundation for Theosophical Studies which is a charity. This charity subsidises some his North Wales meetings. He claims that there are four groups but in reality this is only one meeting in four places. … runs his business on the back of the meetings and although he claims that The North Wales Centre for Theosophy is a not for profit organisation it certainly does not meet the HMRC criteria for this claim to be valid. By subsidising the platform for his own business with money from a charity of which he is chairman, he has compromised the charity status of the Foundation for Theosophical Studies.
    There is not very much money involved here but …’s long standing plan to purchase a building in Bangor, North Wales for use as a Theosophical Centre is in another league. He actually intends to live there with his partner Julie Cunningham. Clearly the sale of Tekels Park will make this possible.

  33. Tekels Park Estate Limited director resigns.

    …, President of the Bournemouth Lodge, has resigned as a director of the Tekels Park Estate Limited citing health reasons. He became a director in April 2010 to assist … in the sale of the Park. He has also been head of the Theoversity during the spending spree of 2010.

  34. I have heard that a 2011 issue of Esoterica Magazine has been issued but I don’t know anyone who has seen a copy.

  35. I’ve found a reference to a 2011 issue of Esoterica on an Ascended Masters Dictation website – Sirius. I can find no reference on any TS England website. Eric McGough has reviewed one of their books in Esoterica. I make no comment on the book or the review.


    Here is the introduction to Eric’s review and the review itself:-

    “Eric McGough, President of Theosophical Society in England, London,
    has given his review of the book “Good and Evil” by Tatyana N. Mickushina”

    “It seems important for us to know the opinion of that authoritative Society about whether the topics “the fall of angels”, the fall of humanity and the fall of Lucifer were revealed correctly in the book by Tatyana N. Mickushina “Good and evil. An individual interpretation of the Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky.”

    ”It was quite unexpected for us that President of Theosophical Society in London Eric McGough was quite interested in the book “Good and evil” and quickly gave his review of the book via e-mail. Now the review is published in the first issue of the Esoterica magazine of 2011. “Esoterica” is published by London Theosophical Society, in English, in order to spread the fundamentals of theosophical knowledge.

    Below we are giving the review from “Esoterica”
    An individual interpretation of the Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky
    By Tatyana N. Mickushina

    This book is a notable contribution to the growing library of books exploring and illuminating the astounding literary work of Helena P. Blavatsky. Tatyana Mickushina has plumbed the very depths of The Secret Doctrine to bring to light the truth about the age old question of Good and Evil. We are taken through a history of humanity’s earthly evolution; through the rise and fall of the great races and continents and the spiritual beings that came to our aid, blending into and guiding our evolution. Tatyana deals expertly with the myths of the ‘Fall’ and the angel ‘Lucifer’ then goes on to examine the Book of Revelations.

    This book is a must for all deep students of the Ageless Wisdom with its fascinating thread of ancient knowledge expertly pieced together for the reader’s benefit. Having once started reading ‘Good and Evil’ I was compelled by its fast moving narrative to read every last word.

    As Tatyana quotes; from a very ancient law: “There is a need of commensuration of the opposite yet equally true principles. The truth must be kept secret. The truth must be told.

    This book can be ordered from Amazon –

    Eric McGough
    President, Theosophical Society in England.

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