The future of this blog

Some of you have asked whether I will continue this blog. The answer is – I don’t expect to have much to say about the future of the Theosophical Society, or the Theosophical Movement, in future.

However, this blog will remain open to people who want to express their vision about the present or future of either. In other words: if you have something to contribute about organisational issues in the TS or Theosophical Movement, do mail me (mail @ ) and I will consider publishing it.

The fact is: I don’t think the Theosophical Movement is living up to it’s ideals enough. It’s not really doing anything serious along the lines of ‘comparative research of science, religion and philosophy’. Members DO study along those lines, which is one of the reasons I’m still a TS (Adyar) member. However the organisations do NOT stimulate people who do seriously study along these lines. I’ve said it before, so I won’t repeat it here. What I would like to note  is that the most interesting members of the Theosophical Movement are (and have been for almost a century) on the fringes of the movement. The thing is: that fringe is indistinguisable from the wider ‘New Age’ movement.

In short: the interesting fringe theosophists are the ones who are really primarily ‘new age’ and are also, through some accident of history, members of a theosophical organisation. This is no longer a credit to the movement. It just means that some people are historically minded.

The theosophical movement still has enough human capital in it to contribute to issues alive in the ‘New Age’ movement, like ‘The Secret’ – however it has largely refused to even address such topics. I no longer have any hope that this will change. I do hope to be proven wrong.

Note that adopting such topics is different from ‘contributing’ to the conversation about them. No reason to lose our critical faculties simply because we want to ‘opt in’ on New Age popularity. For instance I have written about ‘The Secret‘  a lot myself, and the tone has been critical.