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A theosophical lodge is a group of people that comes together to discuss theosophy. Usually there are lectures open to the public, a studygroup of some theosophical book, business meetings and a few holiday meetings.

To me the lodges are the center of theosophical work. It’s where we can hatch out our ideas, throw them against each other & learn from each other. As I quit college this year, I finally have time to get back to lodgework myself. I look forward to a year of studying the Secret Doctrine and learning about freemasonry at the local TS Adyar lodge in The Hague.

I urge all of you to find the nearest theosophical lodge. Most national sections have a website these days on which local sections and lodges are listed. For instance the TSA has a map with all the states in the USA. Click on the state you live in and find a listing of local lodges. I’ve put together a list of all local TS Adyar websites I know of. Let me know if I missed any.

I can’t promise you youth. I can promise that if you have the patience to listen to the older people there (and a few young people if you’re lucky) you will learn things about life, spirituality, theosophy that you just couldn’t have thought of yourself.

This online stuff just can’t replace some good smalltalk over herbal tea and cookies (though usually there’s also coffee and normal tea). The discussions here may enliven the lodge you come to as well.

If there isn’t a local lodge, perhaps you could start a studygroup yourself on any theosophical or spiritual book you’re fascinated by. Find a space (could be a large living room), put up notices in the local library, on craigslist and myspace and on the website of your local town. I’ve always found that taking responsibility like this is an enormous learning experience in itself. Can’t promise it will be easy. Can promise it will be worth it from a spiritual point of view.

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