‘fun night’ as an institution

I was recently reminded that the Dutch TS did use to have a fun night (or open mike night or whatever you call it – we call it ‘bonte avond’, I guess that’s just for Govert if he’s online at his retreat.). I have some good memories of that – singing on stage (I like singing and I’m decent at it too) – seeing people make fun of themselves and theosophy. It makes a nice change from the solemn serious atmosphere of our lectures and study groups.

On the other hand – does ‘fun’ fit theosophy? Is it conducive to a meditative atmosphere?

Fun night has been stopped at the Dutch TS functions – apparently in my time in the TS. I never consciously missed it, but on the other hand I have appreciated similar stuff going on at other TS gatherings later on.

I guess I’m saying that I’d like it to stay.

Open mike night makes a nice change: a very different type of theosophists comes on stage at fun night. Not the lecturers, not the presidents (well excepting John Algeo perhaps) – but the ordinary humble lodge theosophists. And that’s a good thing. Do you agree?